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A thousand years ago, an Awakened Scotsman, a Desposyni Senior High Priest, founded the Knights Templar and visited the Americas. A direct descendant of Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, he became known as Quetzalcoatl. He used a map to travel to the Americas, where as prophesized in 2700 BC, he met and married Kukulkan, a Mayan Senior High Priestess Princess known in North America as White Buffalo Calf Woman. They taught and healed people in the Americas using the Ancient One’s Love Energy Techniques. Click to read more about this amazing couple. Click to order Mini Book #1.


Free Ancient Wisdom

Where Did I Come From? We all came from the stars, but in 2 very different ways. Most came in the normal way, but Ancient Astronauts, who continue to reincarnate on planet earth, came here in a very different way. Read More

Are You the Reincarnation of an Ancient Astronaut? An awakened Ancient Astronaut radiates Unconditional Love Energies. Free online “Love Energy Test” helps you determine if you are an Ancient Astronaut. Read More

Merkabas, the Spaceships of Ancient Astronauts. The true history of how Ancient Astronauts used multi level Merkabas to come to earth without the limitations of slow moving technological spacecraft. Read More

Two Big Secrets about Stone Monoliths like Stonehenge and the Pyramids. Learn about the images and messages from Ancient Astronauts as well as the Healing and Consciousness Expanding Energies contained in the stones specifically selected to build earth’s great monolithic structures. Read More

Record Keeper Crystals and Seer Stones. Healing and Consciousness Expanding Love Energies, images and messages can be stored within and retrieved from certain types of crystals and stones. Read More

Your Brain, Your Mind and Your Consciousness. One’s brain is temporary and limited to one lifetime, but one’s Mind and Consciousness are eternal, containing all of your memories from all of your incarnations in temporary physical bodies. Read More

The 10,000 year old Celtic Cross was first drawn in 8000 BC, (by the Ancient Astronaut who is the father of the legendary blue race), so he could describe to his children the state of Consciousness called Enlightenment. Read More

The Cause of 99% of Health Problems is Karma and Stress. MDs use chemicals to treat the effect of health problems. One can easily and naturally self heal oneself when one first heals the cause of one’s health problem by cutting karmic ties and removing stress, then it is easy to heal the effect of one’s health problem. Read More

Bilocation is 1 of 3 types of Out of Body Experiences. Learn how an Out of Body Experience occurs and about the 3 types of Out of Body Experiences. Bilocation is the only Out of Body Experience done consciously. Read More

Read People’s Out of Body Experiences during their bilocations to our Love Energy Sanctuary.


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