Are you the Reincarnation of an Ancient Astronaut?

Over 100,000 Ancient Astronauts continue to reincarnate upon planet earth to help humanity. Each incarnation of an Ancient Astronaut is a Love Energy Test for their graduation into the higher levels of existence in our universe. Love Energy Tests are not easy because while each Ancient Astronaut who reincarnates on planet earth is born with extrasensory supernormal abilities, these abilities upset normal and subnormal people.

Feel different from other people?

Interested in ancient civilizations?

Do the Mysteries of Life interest you?

Feel you have something important to do?

Unfortunately, due to pressure to conform from normal and subnormal people like one’s parents, family members, teachers and drug oriented medical people, most reincarnated Ancient Astronauts suppress their abilities at a young age.

Fortunately, our Love Energy wisdom and techniques enable a reincarnated Ancient Astronaut to regain their suppressed extrasensory supernormal abilities. Love is a special energy that few people understand and most people incorrectly assume Unconditional Love is merely Conditional Love without conditions.

Thus, we created our “Love is the Answer” recording that fully explains the differences between the Conditional Love Energies of a temporary physical body’s brain and the Unconditional Love Energies of a permanent Emotional Body’s Mind.

The reincarnated Ancient Astronaut known by the name of Quetzalcoatl, taught people in the Americas a thousand years ago, there are 12 levels of Love Energies in our universe, 9 levels of Unconditional Love Energies and 3 levels of Conditional Love Energies, as fully explained in our “Creation” recording.

The highest level of Conditional Love Energies are the 3rd level energies of happiness. But, the lowest level of Unconditional Love Energies is the 4th level Joy filled energies exhibited by those little children whose brain-Mind connection has not been disconnected by wireless technological energies.

Click Here for a Free Online Love Energy Test and observe whether you have suppressed your ability to feel, access and radiate the Unconditional Love Energies of a reincarnated Ancient Astronaut.

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