Merkabas, the Spaceships of Ancient Astronauts

The word Merkaba is greatly misunderstood in today’s world. A Temporary 1st level Merkaba can occur when one’s Conscious Awareness enters a Temporary state of Enlightenment during a deep Love Energized meditation and/or in a devote Love Energized prayer.

But, if one doesn’t consciously create a Merkaba in the proper way using the 4th level Unconditional Love Energies of Joy, then one’s Temporary state of Enlightenment and one’s energies of Joy quickly dissipate after completing one’s meditation and/or prayer, resulting in one’s Conscious Awareness descending down to the 3rd level Conditional Love Energies of happiness.

Ancient Astronauts did not use technologically built slow moving spacecraft to come to planet earth, they used advanced level Love Energy Techniques and came here in multi level Merkabas. And so it has been for 10,000 years that awakened reincarnated Ancient Astronauts have secretly taught Service to Others students their secret teachings about multi level Unconditional Love Energized Merkabas.

A small group of fully awakened reincarnated Ancient Astronauts spent the last 4 years working unceasingly to create our new One Merkaba Activation Technique package of recordings so people around the world could use this wondrous ancient Love Energy Technique to create an Unconditional Love Energized 1st level Merkaba around one’s body and travel to distant places.

This unique package of wisdom and techniques enables and empowers one to activate and connect 6 Energy Lines between one’s physical body, Emotional Body and Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness so one may consciously enjoy Out of Body Experiences during guided bilocations and self heal one’s health problems while simultaneously expanding the size of one’s Consciousness and Conscious Awareness.

Our organization also gives in person Advanced Love Energy Techniques Classes beginning with a Double or 2nd level Merkaba where 15 Energy Lines connect one’s temporary physical body and one’s permanent Emotional Body to one’s Consciousness enabling one to travel long distances in one’s Conscious Awareness and Consciousness like the Ancient Astronauts.

Merkabas, until the late 20th century, were only taught secretly, in person, by one teacher to one student. In the 12th century Maimonides wrote how such secret wisdom and techniques should only be taught in the ancient way of oral teachings to one student at a time, without any writings or symbols. Only one spiritual, (not religious), Love Energy oriented Service to Others individual at a time would be accepted as a student of the Merkaba.

Humanity has repeatedly chosen to follow the path of anger and greed. As a result, people are unhappy and planet earth’s ecological, economic and environmental problems have now reached a critical point. Thus, these are the prophesized “last days” or “End Times”.

Accordingly, we are now releasing recordings and giving classes in order to quickly and properly teach our ancient wisdom and techniques to people around the world. We do this now so Service to Others individuals may become fully Enlightened and fulfill their destiny by helping others in various ways including the performing of “healing miracles”.

And so it is today that a Service to Others individual can use our Healers multi level Merkabas to help people in the same way as the renowned Love Energy Adepts who long ago performed “healing miracles”. In our Healers Class one activates 3rd and 4th level Merkabas to create the 50 Energy Lines that connect their earthly brain and heavenly Mind to their expanded Consciousness so they may naturally and quickly heal people using multiple levels of Unconditional Love Energies.

Our Activator and Healer Classes are taught in person by Love Energy Adept Teachers who daily activate the 7 levels of Merkabas that create the 128 Energy Lines that connect their physical body and Emotional Body to their expanded Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness so they may properly teach others how to use Unconditional Love Energies to properly activate multiple levels of Love Energized Merkabas.

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