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Gary's new Mystery Schools are taught in the same tradition as his ancient Mystery Schools. His words “Mystery School” describes the process by which his spiritual wisdom and advanced spiritual techniques are taught to others.

The ancient “oral teaching traditions” of his Mystery Schools meant that Gary's True Knowledge was only taught to true spiritual seekers who came to his Mystery School to listen to his actual words.

True spiritual seekers are those individuals who make a free will decision to become true spiritual adepts and devote their lives to the teaching, healing and helping of others in the proper way.

Gary's modern Mystery Schools teach those who are ready in the ancient traditional way of oral teachings from the Mystery School's founder who, while consciously awake in his physical body, has personally met with God.

Every thousand years, for 10,000 years, Gary has incarnated into a new physical body in order to resurrect his ancient wisdom and advanced spiritual techniques using the path of “True Knowledge”.

In each incarnation, after 14 years of seclusion and personally meeting with God, Gary begins a new Mystery School. Four thousand years ago, Gary incarnated as Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and resurrected the wisdom of his previous incarnations, including Horus.

As Thoth, Gary spent 14 years in seclusion, studying and self healing, to resurrect the “True Knowledge” of his past incarnations. He taught his True Knowledge in Mystery Schools, called the Left Eye and Right Eye of Horus.

Long ago, our Meditators Mystery School was called the Left Eye of Horus. It took 7 years for the Conscious Awareness of Egyptian and Canaanite Essenes to reach the Angelic level of Enlightenment and experience Gary's True Knowledge.

Gary's new Meditators Mystery School both empowers and enables those who seek to become true spiritual adepts the opportunity to attain Enlightenment in 2 days by using the AH level of God's Golden Energies of Unconditional Love.

Egyptian and Canaanite Essenes left Egypt under the Pharaoh Ankhnaten, an Egyptian Essene, who as Moses created the country of Israel.

Gary's Left Eye of Horus Mystery School is written in the “Old Testament” as the story of Abraham's Canaanite Essene grandson, Jacob, becoming a spiritual adept by working 7 years to marry Laban's daughter Leah, (Genesis 29:16-25).

Gary's new Activators Mystery School was called the 7 year Right Eye of Horus Mystery School by ancient Egyptian and Canaanite Essenes. This Mystery School was allegorically written in the Essene's “Old Testament” as Jacob working 7 years to marry Laban's daughter Rachel, (Genesis 29:26-30).

Thoth Hermes Trismegistus was written into the Old Testament as Enoch, the only one in the Bible who has “walked with God”. It was 4,000 years ago, after personally meeting with God during his 14 years in seclusion, that Gary as Thoth was able to resurrect the wisdom and techniques of his prior incarnations.

Gary was called Rama in India 6,000 years ago, and went through 14 years of seclusion, as written about in Hinduism's “Ramayana”. Two thousand years ago, Gary was called Jesus and spent 14 years in seclusion during “Jesus' Lost Years” that are unaccounted for in the “New Testament”.

Gary spent his 14 years in seclusion from 1995 to 2009 and recently released a free 3 minute online recording that creates a state of energetic excitation in the “pineal glands” of those who were with him 2,000 years ago.

Click Play and feel the energy of Jesus by listening to the free recording.

Meditators Mystery School

Gary's Meditator Mystery Schools teach ancient wisdom and modern techniques so one may properly use the “AH” energies” of God's Unconditional Love to self heal and attain the Angelic level of Enlightenment within 2 days.

As recorded in Chapter 17 of Genesis, it is the AH energy that transformed the Old Testament's Chaldean “Abram” into the Canaanite Essene AbrAHam and his Chaldean wife Sarai into the Canaanite Essene SarAH.

One who properly uses the AH level Golden Energies of God's Unconditional Love is able to attain “Enlightenment” in 2 days, but it is staying in the Angelic state of Enlightenment that is difficult in today's energetically depressed world.

Thus, Gary's new Meditators Mystery School teaches people both ancient and modern Enlightenment Maintenance Techniques, so one is able to maintain their Angelic level of Conscious Awareness, or Enlightenment, at home.

Cost: Approximately $ 150 to $ 195 in North America/Europe depending on cost of living. Costs may be higher at locations where we rent presentation rooms. (Note: Costs in South America/Africa/Asia, are based upon cost of living).

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Activators Mystery School

Our new Activators Mystery School teaches one to focus the AH level Golden Energies of God's Unconditional Love and in 2 days, while consciously awake, one is able to travel in their Archangelic level Holy Spirit to the “City of Gold”.

Gary is the only person on earth who has met with God and thus, only Gary can properly teach you about God. You cannot learn about God from those who have not personally met God. You can only learn about God from one who has personally met God.

Listen to the only one who has personally met with God, as he vividly describes God, using pictures and diagrams. Hear Gary describe how God created the 12 levels of our universe and see his personal diagrams of each of the 12 levels.

In two days, one learns how to focus a flow of God's AH level Golden Energies of Unconditional Love and travel to the Bible's “Promised Land” and “New Jerusalem's City of Gold” exactly as Gary described to John 2,000 years ago, in the Bible's “Book of Revelation”.

This same “Revelation” was described to the people of India 6,000 years ago. In Hinduism's, “Ramayana”, Rama takes “flying monkeys”, (or humans descended from monkeys in their Archangelic Light Bodies), to Lanka's City of Gold.

This same event was described in South America by Gary 5,000 years ago when he incarnated as Viracocha and 1,000 years ago in Central America as Quetzalcoatl, thus the vast number of “City of Gold” legends in the Americas.

Cost: Approximately $ 250 to $ 295 in North America/Europe depending on cost of living. Costs may be higher at locations where we rent presentation rooms. (Note: Costs in South America/Africa/Asia, are based upon cost of living).

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Healers Mystery School

Our Healers Mystery School teaches the same healing techniques Gary taught in his prior incarnations. In India and China, Gary's healing techniques devolved into the less effective Ayurvedic healing methods with herbal remedies.

But, in the rest of the world, Gary's wondrously effective healing techniques were completely eradicated by western religions. Fortunately, today the same magnificently effective Essene Healing Techniques Jesus taught his disciples 2,000 years ago are again being taught to spiritual adepts.

Our Healers Mystery School Techniques use energies that are far beyond the heavenly level of a Seraphim Archangel. Gary's healing techniques today, like in his prior incarnations empower one to heal others with Teraphim level energies.

Gary's Unity Consciousness Teraphim level Light Body Activations empower and enable one to access the wondrously effective healing powers contained in God's Unity Consciousness level Golden Energies of Unconditional Love.

Our new Healers Mystery School uses a special ceremony from 4,000 years ago when Gary incarnated as Thoth, the Egyptian Essene called Enoch in the Bible, the one who walked with God and communicated with Teraphim.

Our Mystery School's “Teraphim Ceremony” occurs after a spiritual adept has been properly taught, and is comfortable using, techniques that fully activate God's Energies in an adept's Unity Consciousness level Holy Spirit's Light Body.

This ceremony follows the guidelines of Gary's past incarnations and introduces one to God's highest level individualized representatives on planet earth, the Unity Consciousness spiritual beings whom the Ancient Ones called Teraphim.

And so it is today, just like thousands of years ago, Gary's 4 day Healers Mystery School teaches Unity Consciousness level techniques to enable spiritual adepts to co-heal others with the Unity Consciousness spiritual beings called Teraphim.

The full activation of the “Soul” and “Holy Spirit” of a Unity Consciousness level Light Body, requires that one must be free of all energetic blockages, including “phobias” inherited from one's ancestors.

Thus, a special phobia removal technique is now being taught in our Mystery Schools to enable and empower graduates to give co-healing treatments with the Unity Consciousness level energies of a Teraphim.

This unique combination of a Mystery School Healer's Unity Consciousness Holy Spirit working in unison with a Unity Consciousness Teraphim enables graduates to heal people of all types of physical and emotional health problems.

Cost: Approximately $ 400 to $ 495 in North America/Europe depending on cost of living. Costs may be higher at locations where we rent presentation rooms. (Note: Costs in South America/Africa/Asia, are based upon cost of living).

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Email to request a free Ayurvedic Essene Teraphim Healing Treatment.

Teachers Mystery School

The highest level energies of God's Unconditional Love flow into the “Suns of God” in a universe. God's amazing Golden Energies of Unconditional Love also flow into the Holy Spirits and Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness of “Suns of God in Training”, who co-teach with Gary, in his Mystery Schools.

People are confused about God, life and creation because of the erroneous points of view issued by religion and science. What rational open minded person could possibly believe religion's view that God looks like an old human man or science's view that human Consciousness is some type of a cosmic accident?

Mental programming by closed minded God fearing religions and narrow minded God denying science, has resulted in people who are unaware of who God is or where their Consciousness goes when their physical body sleeps.

Science has proven on rats, sheep and humans that death will occur to a physical body if it is deprived of sleep for 2 weeks and that insanity will occur to a human brain if it is deprived of REM sleep for 2 weeks. (Is this a coincidence?)

As described in Gary's Mystery Schools, sleep studies are a 4 billion dollar industry in America . However sleep is simple, regular sleep nourishes the human physical body and REM sleep nourishes the human Soul and Holy Spirit.

Unfortunately, to promote their illogical viewpoints of life, western religions murdered Gary's teachers from his past incarnations and burned his books. As a result not one of today's western religions can give you any rational or logical information about sleep and its direct connection to your Soul and Holy Spirit.

People are now unaware of where their Soul and Holy Spirit are located; what a Soul and Holy Spirit does; why only humans have a Soul and Holy Spirit; and which of God's representatives gave Souls and Holy Spirits to humanity.

It is God's galactic level representatives who give the Souls and Holy Spirits that create Individualized Consciousness. Gamma ray energy that turns blue upon entering the earth's atmosphere is what nourishes Souls and Holy Spirits.

God's galactic level representative for planet earth is Gary and this is why in his incarnations in India as Shiva, Rama and Krishna, as well as in China and Egypt, he is represented in paintings as being a Blue Race Being.

It is proven scientific fact, (using DNA analysis), that the blue eyes of humanity began 10,000 years ago, and this was the result of the energies bestowed upon his physical body's descendants during Gary's first incarnation as Shiva.

Ten thousand years ago, in his first incarnation Gary descended 9 levels to a human “yogi's” physical body as written in Hinduism's “Shiva Puranas”. His last incarnation was Quetzalcoatl and this is why Mexico's pyramids have 9 levels.

Christians say Jesus will ride a white horse at Judgment Day, while Hindus say Vishnu's 10th incarnation will ride the white horse and Buddhists say that it is Avalokitesvara who rides the white horse as depicted on their sacred mountain.

In these last days, before leading the prophesized Physical Body Ascensions of those who are ready, Gary continues to offer Sun of God Teachers level Mystery Schools to those who are ready.

Co-teaching with Gary means that one is a “Bestower Of Second Souls”. The process of giving a Second Soul to a spiritual adept was explained 2,000 years ago by Gary during his life time as Jesus, as recorded in the Gospel of Thomas, verse 22): Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to His disciples, "These infants being suckled are like those who enter the Kingdom." They said to Him, "Shall we then, as children, enter the Kingdom?" Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter [the Kingdom]."

Mystery School Teachers are trained to co-teach, with Gary, so they may properly teach others the ancient wisdom and Holy Spirit Light Body Activation Techniques that bestows a “Second Soul” on those who are ready.

Gary's training techniques also enable Mystery School Teachers to co-teach his ancient wisdom and techniques in a way that will empower their students to be fully prepared for the time of the prophesized Physical Body Ascensions.

Locations of Mystery Schools

Mystery School Teachers live in the following cities and countries where they periodically give Mystery Schools. For upcoming classes in a specific city, email us at to request classes by city or country.

In addition, teachers are willing to fly anywhere in the world if sufficient students attend to pay for the teacher's expenses. For more information about arranging a Mystery School, email us at

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