Record Keeper Crystals and Seer Stones

Long ago, awakened reincarnated Ancient Astronauts used Record Keeper Crystals and Seer Stones to help people in many ways, such as “Peace Keepers” who mediated disputes between countries and were the historians of the world as well as Love Energy Teachers and Healers. People have forgotten Record Keeper Crystals and Seer Stones have Consciousness as well as an ability to store and retrieve information, images and messages.

The 3rd century historian Eusebius wrote how he wore on his chest at his Higher Heart Spiritual Energy Center a special Record Keeper Crystal. Thus, anytime he needed information, he would ask a question and his record keeper crystal would give him the answer.

(Note: How to consciously work with your Higher Heart Spiritual Energy Center and your 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center is fully taught and explained in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique package of recordings that come with 4 Love Energized Healing Seer Stones.)

Around 4,500 years ago, a senior fully awakened reincarnated Ancient Astronaut named Thoth Hermes Trismegistus taught people around the world a vast amount of wisdom and techniques during his lifetime. He was worshipped as the god Mercury in Rome, the god Hermes in Greece, the god Thoth in Egypt and revered in China as Fu Xi, creator of the I Ch’ing.

The esoteric reason why the Pharaohs and their wives wore elaborate necklaces of precious stones and crystals is because of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus’ teachings. Long ago, the senior high priests and the senior high priestesses of various ancient Love Energy oriented spiritual practices also wore Love Energized Healing Record Keeper Crystals in “breastplates” that they wore over their Higher Heart Spiritual Energy Center, during their Love Energy Enhancement Ceremonies.

The wearing of jewelry started when awakened reincarnated Ancient Astronaut Love Energy Adepts began using Love Energy Enhancement Ceremonies to activate the self-healing and self-help attributes contained in Love Energized Crystals so the wearer of the crystals and/or gemstones could be protected, healed and/or self helped in a variety of ways simply by wearing a necklace, a bracelet, an armlet or a ring.

Like our ancestors we offer Love Energized Healing Crystals in the form of our Crystal Soul Lovers Bracelets and our Love Energized Healing Crystal Sculptures. In order to heal 99% of health problems, we also include 3 Love Energized Healing Seer Stones in our new Guided Bilocation Meditation recording for removing Stress and our Guided Bilocation Meditation recording for cutting karmic ties that together will rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Spirit in a way that will also expand your Consciousness.

Our new “One Merkaba Activation Technique” package of recordings is an amazing collection of wisdom and techniques that enables one to properly activate a 1st level Merkaba. Then, one learns to rapidly expand their Consciousness with Out of Body Experiences by bilocating in one’s 1st level Merkaba to our private Love Energy Sanctuary and healing oneself using 4 Love Energized Healing Seer Stones that one bonds with during the ancient 5 Element Love Energy Activation Ceremony for Healing Seer Stones that is performed in the package’s first recording.

Our upcoming Guided Time Travel Adventures give one an opportunity to energetically bond with 4 Love Energized Record Keeper Crystals during an ancient 5 Element Love Energy Activation Ceremony for Record Keeper Crystals. This bonding enables one’s Record Keeper Crystals to show you the actual images and to help you hear the sounds of famous historical events that are only legends in today’s world. Available March 2017.

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