The 10,000 year old Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross was first drawn 10,000 years ago in India, by the Ancient Astronaut called Shiva, who with his Ancient Astronaut wife Sati, were the father and mother of the legendary blue race. Shiva drew the first Celtic Cross symbol to describe to their children how one’s temporary physical body and one’s permanent Emotional Body energetically interact in the normal and natural state of Consciousness that people call Enlightenment.

“Those with eyes that see”, understand how the equal sided Celtic Cross accurately displays an Enlightened One’s brain and Mind working in synchronicity. This ancient symbol visually displays how an Enlightened person uses Unconditional Love Energies to activate the 6 Energy Lines of a first level Merkaba that connect an Enlightened One’s temporary body’s brain and permanent Body’s Mind to their Consciousness.

In the state of Consciousness known as Enlightenment, one is able to think and perform action much faster than other people who are not Enlightened. People have forgotten the fact that Enlightenment was once the normal state of Consciousness for humanity. But, in today’s hectic digital world of wireless technological energies, it is more difficult to attain Enlightenment.

Attaining a Temporary state of Enlightenment is still a relatively simple and easy process. You can now personally experience Enlightenment and self heal your health problems by properly using Unconditional Love Energies. Please realize that 99% of all health problems are caused by stress and/or karma which is why we created our new Guided Bilocation Meditation to remove Stress and Guided Bilocation Meditation to cut Karmic Ties.

These recordings teach you in the comfort of your own home how to create a Temporary Merkaba and enjoy Out of Body Experiences while healing one’s body and expanding one’s Consciousness. While, it is still relatively easy to attain an Enlightened state of Consciousness, the problem today is in the retaining of the state of Consciousness known as Enlightenment.

Please realize that, a new world opens up for you in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique at home package of recordings and/or in our advanced Two Merkaba Activator Class, where one learns how to both attain and retain the state of Consciousness known as Permanent Enlightenment.

Our new One Merkaba Activation Technique enables you to consciously activate and connect the 6 Energy Lines of a 1st level Merkaba, while our new advanced Activator Class enables you to activate and connect 15 Energy Lines between Your Brain, Your Mind and Your Consciousness.

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