Two Big Secrets about Stone Monoliths
like Stonehenge and the Pyramids

There are 2 big secrets contained in the massive stone monolithic structures that are found around the world, like Stonehenge and the Pyramids. One secret involves the wisdom and messages from the Ancient Astronauts that are stored in the monolithic stones. The other secret is about the Healing and Consciousness Expanding Energies that were infused into the massive stone monoliths by senior awakened reincarnated Ancient Astronauts.

People today have forgotten the fact that Record Keeper Rocks and Crystals have been used for thousands of years to store images and words from special events as is fully explained in our Guided Bilocation Meditation recordings and One Merkaba Activation Technique package of recordings.

A vast amount of esoteric wisdom and information has been stored in stone monolithic structures around the world by Ancient Astronauts as a safety net of wisdom and information for humanity after the massive destruction of knowledge that occurred around the world as a result of the Great War of 10,000 BC. This safety net enabled descendants and reincarnations of Ancient Astronauts to help humanity rebuild its civilizations repeatedly, after catastrophic events like the Great Worldwide Flood of 3114 BC.

While a few obvious pieces of information from these ancient monolithic structures have been deciphered, nothing has been deciphered about the esoteric reason how and why monolithic stones were carefully arranged so sunlight, starlight and/or moonlight would flow in a specific way during the special days and nights of ancient Love Energy Enhancement Ceremonies.

Most people in today’s hectic digital world are unaware of the esoteric fact that in our universe there are 3 levels of Conditional Love Energies and 9 levels of Unconditional Love Energies. This esoteric wisdom was publically taught 1,000 years ago in the Americas and is now fully explained in our “Creation” recording.

Many people today do not understand that senior awakened reincarnated Ancient Astronauts used levitation and other Love Energy Techniques to precisely align the immense stones of ancient monolithic structures so that the light and energies from the moon, the sun and/or the stars would flow into and through the monolithic stones in a certain way during the specific days and/or nights of their ancient Love Energy Enhancement Ceremonies.

And so it was for that thousands of years, Love Energy Enhancement Ceremonies were used to sustain the Love Energies contained in the world’s great monolithic structures. These ancient Love Energy Enhancement Ceremonies included the same unique 5 Element Love Energy Activation Ceremony that is now an intricate part of our new One Merkaba Activation Technique.

Long ago, indigenous people who chose to become healers were taught by awakened reincarnated Ancient Astronauts how to perform the Love Energy Enhancement Ceremonies that energetically enhanced the magneticelectro naturally love oriented energies contained in a beam of sunlight, starlight and/or moonlight.

In this way, when the love oriented energies from the sun, a star or the moon touched a certain stone in a monolithic structure that energy, could be given direction using a row of Seer Stones and/or Record Keeper Crystals in a way that, could heal all types of human body illnesses and diseases.

This flow of Love oriented energies to a specific location would then be enhanced with the Unconditional Love Energies created by the repetition of Love Energy Power Mantras. These Unconditional Love Energy Enhancing Mantras and Healing Energy Activating Mantras when repeated for periods of time will heal people of health problems. This is why we include Love Energy Power Mantras with each of our Love Energized Healing Salves.

Two senior awakened reincarnated Ancient Astronauts, Ga Ra and Za Ra have created a way to send you a download recording, or 2 CDs, along with 3 Love Energized Healing Seer Stones that will enable and empower you to activate a Temporary Merkaba and enjoy a Love Energized Out of Body Experience so you may self heal yourself of stress using our Guided Bilocation Meditation for removing Stress recording that will rejuvenate your 3D Body, 4D Mind and 4D Energy Body.

Ancient Astronauts long ago infused huge amounts of Unconditional Love Energies into certain unique locations around the world. Long ago, people living in the area considered such places to be “sacred” because they knew it was Unconditional Love Energies that made a place sacred, and not a religious edict or words on a piece of paper.

And so it was long ago that people around the world regularly performed certain Love Energy Enhancement Ceremonies to maintain and replace the Unconditional Love Energies in the world’s sacred Love Energized places until such sacred love energy oriented ceremonies were forcibly stopped by today’s fear based religions.

Long ago, Love Energy Adept Healers sent special Love Energized Healing Crystals and Love Energized Healing Herbal Salves to friends and family members in distant lands to heal their health problems. In our ancestors’ tradition we offer people the opportunity to use Wearable Healing Crystal Bracelets, Love Energized Healing Crystal Sculptures and/or Love Energized Sacred Healing Herbal Salves in pure natural beeswax to naturally heal their health problems while simultaneously expanding their Consciousness.

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