Where Did I Come From?

Actually each of us did come from the stars but in quite different ways than the incorrect theories promoted by scientists and religious people. As is fully explained in our “Creation” recording, our temporary human brains and physical bodies evolved from the star dust that is constantly being emitted from our solar sun.

Humanity evolved as a species from the slime of one celled primeval plants and animals into the complex forms of our current earthly 3rd dimensional temporary human physical bodies. However, a human physical body, like all of the other 3D plants and animals on earth, is limited to the energies of happiness and unhappiness.

But, our permanent Mind and Emotional Body consist of heavenly 4th dimensional joyful Love Energies enabling us to enjoy 4D Joy and 5D Bliss. Our Emotional Bodies were bestowed upon us as humanoid apes when we gave thanks to the sun, as God’s representative, for our food supplies and warmth.

In this way, humanity became the 4th and last of planet earth’s “4 resident species”, as explained in our classes and recordings. And so it is that when our physical body was born and we took our first breath as a baby, our permanent Emotional Body connected to our temporary physical body, as fully explained in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique package of recordings and in our Advanced Classes.

One continues to reincarnate into a series of temporary physical bodies until one makes a decision to expand one’s Conscious Awareness and Ascend into one of the higher dimensional levels of existence as fully explained in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique recordings and in our new Activator Classes.

It was 10,000 years ago when a group of over 100,000 Ancient Astronauts made a decision and came to planet earth in Merkabas from the stars for two reasons. One reason was to help humanity Ascend into a higher level of existence and the other was for their own personal Ascensions into higher levels of existence.

Ancient Astronauts are referred to as gods in the legends of all people upon planet earth, including the Bible. Unawakened Ancient Astronauts feel different from other people and sense they came here to do something special but cannot remember what it is.

Unawakened Ancient Astronauts will be able to remember who they actually are and have all of their questions about the mysteries of life answered in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique recordings and/or in our new Activator Classes so they may fulfill their destiny.

However, please realize that all Service to Others people on earth can learn to consciously create a Love Energized Merkaba by using our One Merkaba Activation Technique package of recordings that enable and empower one to be able to consciously activate a 1st level Merkaba so one may enjoy life.

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