Your Brain, Your Mind and Your Consciousness

One can access life’s higher levels of existence by consciously connecting the Conditional Love Energies in one’s brain to the Unconditional Love Energies in one’s Mind. This process is one that every reincarnated Ancient Astronaut has to learn before they can awaken their memories and abilities.

One’s temporary physical body lives in 3rd dimensional reality while one’s permanent Mind and Emotional Body live in 4th dimensional actuality. One reincarnates and lives many lifetimes with one’s Conscious Awareness in a series of temporary physical bodies in 3rd dimensional reality and upon death one’s Conscious Awareness returns to one’s permanent Emotional Body in 4th dimensional actuality with one’s memories of this lifetime.

In our Basic Ancient Wisdom and Techniques recordings, in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique package of recordings and during our new Activator Classes, we teach you the mystical esoteric facts of life, including how your Emotional Body is eternal and lives on the lowest of the 9 levels of Heaven while your physical body lives on the highest of the 3 levels of hell.

Our One Merkaba Activation Technique recordings and our new Activator Classes explain in detail how one’s 4D Mind and Emotional Body are one’s 4th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness. Then, in an ancient ceremony during our Activator Class, we bestow upon you a 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness so you may consciously experience the higher levels of existence.

One uses a series of reincarnations in temporary physical bodies to expand one’s Consciousness with memories of one’s experiences in free will decision making and all the actions, or consequences, that result from one’s free will decisions.

One continues to reincarnate into earthly physical bodies until one makes a free will decision to consciously expand one’s Consciousness and work toward one’s Ascension into the 9 levels of Heaven in our universe, as is fully explained in our recordings and classes.

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